P.M.I. is a non-profit 501(c) 3, community based, arts
& cultural organization located in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to create and incubate innovative arts programming and cultural infrastructures to transform people - socially and intellectually – through the production of festivals, art spaces, events, exhibitions, community projects, artifacts and media.

Public Media Institute is committed to the region's cultural ecology and is evident through our series of programs, spaces and projects.

The programming includes two annual international arts festivals, Version and Select Media Festival.  With over 500 participants a year the festivals act as filters for experiencing a wide variety of artist-run initiatives and projects.

PMI publishes several periodicals including Proximity Magazine, the international arts and culture journal that debuted  in April, 2008, as well as Lumpen magazine.

Public Media Institute showcases emerging and established artists from Chicago and around the world in our network of art spaces. The experimental cultural center,  Co-Prosperity Sphere, is a 5,000 + sq ft visual arts and performance space. Two additional spaces - Eastern Expansion and Northern Exposure - act as ancillary exhibition spaces.

PMI also operates and organizes an artist residency program, a traveling exhibition series, an artist-led art school, an international  artist exchange program, and public art programming. Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible American Washing - Pressure Washing Services of Chicago IL  


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